Volunteer at Safe Haven!

To volunteer at Safe Haven you must be 18 years old or be accompanied by an adult. Our volunteers mainly get to socialize with the cats and play with our dogs. When you volunteer at Safe Haven this allows our paid employees to do other things at the shelter, so we are always in need in volunteers.

To become a volunteer the first step is to fill out the Volunteer Form below. This will come to us at the shelter and then we will contact you to set up a time for you to go through orientation. Once orientation is complete you will be invited to our Volunteer Calendar where you will fill in the dates/times you plan to come to the shelter. It's that simple. Thank you for considering becoming a volunteer. It really does make a difference to our cats and dogs. They love the extra attention.

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Your Skills Can Help In Many Different Ways.

Animal Socializing
Rebuilds trust, provides exercise, develops positive behaviors, relieves stress

Shelter Cleaning
Maintains a healthy environment for animals and people

Informs current members, supporters and potential supporters about Safe Haven happenings, current status and animal needs

Plan, coordinate and execute fundraisers to support our shelter.
Every minute of time is appreciated!